Amazon now delivers succulents in case you want a super easy way to celebrate Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, which means many people are thinking of ways to get closer to nature. That may include planting trees and cleaning up beaches. But if you’re schedule is too busy for a full day out in the wild, there’s now a really simple way to enjoy some plants. Amazon now delivers succulents, which means you can order some plants in honor of Earth Day.

In addition to just being super cute, succulents are a great way adding a little green to your life.

Plants help filter the air you breathe, and are a wonderful way to decorate a space. For those who are afraid of taking on the responsibility of a plant, succulents are the right pick for you. They’re a pretty hassle-free way of getting that green thumb working.

Amazon stepped up to help our planet and set up an amazing deal. Amazon delivered 20 succulent plants for only $32. Unfortunately, there was a limited supply. So if you weren’t one of the first to snag this awesome deal, you’ll have to go back to regular (totally reasonable) succulent prices.

It’s pretty awesome of Amazon to even offer something to different and cool.

No matter what size succulent you start out with, they’ll grow, of course. And remember, there is no limit to the combinations you can have to play with. You can obviously keep them separated. In addition, you can add to your collection and combine plants for funky, fun arrangements!

If you are scared of taking care of these plants because of bad experiences in the past — do not fret.

Succulents are the least difficult plants to take care of.

They are pretty self sufficient. Just water them every two weeks by spray bottle and keep them in the sun. Boom! With a little love you’ll have fresh air and peace. And for a pretty cheap price!

So when life give you succulents, it’s time to decorate your house! Happy Earth Day!