9 (actually) cute Halloween costumes you can order from Amazon

Is it just us or does it seem to get harder and harder every year to pick out a cute, semi-original costume that isn’t a total fortune? Some people spend months before Halloween ideating their awesome costumes, and if that’s you, all the power to you. But TBH, we’re busy enough, and so sometimes we’ve just got to take the easy route and head straight for Amazon Halloween costumes. That way, at the last minute, we can have a little fun with our hair and makeup, pop on the costume, and hit our friends’ epic party.

This year, we took the hassle out of sorting through the thousands of options for you by finding our picks for the best Amazon Halloween costumes. There are some great pop culture options—ahem, Stranger Things costumes FTW—and some throwback ones that will have everyone at the party feeling nostalgic.

Shop these easy Halloween looks now, or stash them in your online cart for later. We won’t judge if you bookmark this until late October—Amazon is great for last-minute costumes, too.

Hocus Pocus Winifred costume

hocus pocus amazon halloween costume

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Hocus Pocus will never not be a Halloween staple (’90s nostalgia forever), so why not dress up as the most recognizable Sanderson sister?

’80s Eleven Stranger Things costume

eleven stranger things halloween costume, cute easy halloween costumes

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Channel your inner ’80s teenager with Eleven’s epic geometric romper. Team up with your BFF to go as Max.

Beauty School Dropout Grease costume

grease halloween costume beauty school dropout cute easy halloween costumes

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While dressing up as Sandy from Grease is an easy Halloween costume classic, we love this creative take on Frenchie’s “beauty school dropout” number, complete with a fake helmet of rollers.

Rockford Peaches A League of Their Own costume

league of their own halloween costume easy cute halloween ideas

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A nod to the badass baseball ladies of the real-life Rockford Peaches and the stars of the movie A League of Their Own, this retro outfit is simply too adorable.

Pennywise It costume

it womens halloween costume, cute easy halloween costume ideas

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If scary is your thing on Halloween, nab this Pennywise costume and dress as the world’s creepiest clown—but somehow still look cute? We drool over the fun Halloween makeup and hair possibilities.

Peach Super Mario costume

princess peach halloween costume easy cute halloween ideas

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You’ll be ultra-recognizable as everyone’s favorite video game princess in this Halloween costume.

Cozy bat costume

bat halloween costume, cute easy halloween ideas

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Okay, the fact that this costume has the word “cozy” in it has us sold already. It looks equally as cute with a pair of tights as it does with some comfy leggings, so you’re set if Halloween turns out to be chilly.

Mary Poppins costume

mary poppins halloween costume easy cute halloween costume ideas

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You can be “practically perfect in every way” just like Mary Poppins with this costume that has everything you need to look the part.

Daenerys Game of Thrones costume

game of thrones khaleesi halloween costume cute halloween ideas women

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Since this year was the final season of Game of Thrones, it may be worth the splurge on this stunning Daenerys costume.

But of course, if all else fails, you can always snatch up some easy Halloween accessories and call it a day. To each their own this Halloween.

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