11 Amazon hacks that will literally change your life (and save you money)

Are you addicted to Amazon? Well, then you’re not alone. Pro-tip, we’ve found 11 Amazon hacks that will change your life and make shopping way better.

There are a lot of things that we love about Amazon. We love free two-day shipping if you have Prime, and the company’s creation of Alexa.

We also love that if you’re a college student you get six months free of Amazon Prime. It’s pretty awesome. Since a LOT of people shop on the catch-all site, we figured you’d like to know a few tips and tricks to get more for your money.

Check out all of the Amazon hacks below:

1Amazon Coupons

The first place to look for deals is the Amazon Coupons section. It has daily deals on pretty much everything. You can access them here.

2Coin For Apps

In case you missed it, Amazon has a little thing called Amazon Coins. They can be used to buy apps for your Kindle products. 100 coins give you $1 in cash to use towards whatever apps you want.

3Old Is New

When it comes to gift cards, everything old is new again on Amazon. In this case, you can take a prepaid gift card with a low balance (like a Visa card that has $2 left on it) and convert it into an Amazon gift card. The steps are as follows:

First, check the card balance using the number on the back of the card. Next, Log into Amazon and go to the e-mail delivery gift card area. Then, enter the card’s balance, your e-mail address, and send and use your payment card. Finally, you’ll get a code, which you use in the “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account” area of your account.


You can track price drops through CamelCamelCamel and be alerted when your desired price is reached on the site. It makes shopping SO much easier.

5Amazon Warehouse

Yes, there is actually a warehouse for Amazon and you need it in your life. It is limited to open box or refurbished items, but it includes a LOT of discounts.

6Price Drop Refunds

As any online shopper knows, there are always changes in prices. The good news is that Amazon will refund the difference of your purchase if the price changes within the week following your purchase.

PS: This only works for items sold and shipped by Amazon, no third-party purchases.

7Country Check

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a book through the online portal, but thought it was too pricey — this hack is for you. By using another site called Cheap River, you can search Amazon’s international sites for the book you need. It can show you which country has the best deal before purchasing.

8Subscribe & Save

This is key to helping cut down costs and energy while you shop. You can use the Subscribe & Save offer to set a delivery schedule for a lot of different products. This includes most of the grocery section of the site, like toilet paper once a month, or three bottles of sunscreen in the summer months. There are also price breaks for doing these bundles.

9Free Gift Cards

One of the biggest sites for free gift cards is Swagbucks. All you have to do is create an account, answer some surveys, watch some videos, and then they give you free gift cards.  We know, so random.

10Amazon Outlet

In addition to the warehouse, the site’s outlet is all about the savings. This time however, the items are new. The cuts in prices usually result from items being out of season or discontinued by the manufacturer. It’s awesome.

11Late Delivery Policy

If you are already a Prime member, write this down! If your delivery is late, you can get a free month of Prime to make up for it. It’s called the Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery policy. You file your claim by going to “Your Orders” and then hit “File/View Claim” and report your problem.

Are there any hacks that we’ve missed? Sound off in the comments below!

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