You can officially rent goats on Amazon, because of course you can

Earlier this year, Amazon launched “Home Services,” where — as the title suggests — customers can order “services” as opposed to products. The offerings range from plumbing work to equipment assembly to iPhone repair to voice lessons — but perhaps the most notable service up for grabs is the ability to hire a goat grazer to tend your lawn. Yes, that’s right: Amazon now offers rent-a-goat landscaping. According to USA Today, goats are a popular way “to clear brush and undergrowth without using herbicides” in urban areas (which is news to us, and had we known we would have taken advantage of this a long time ago).

Here’s how the rent-a-goat service works: The goats are herded into a makeshift “pen” surrounded by temporary fencing, and then they go to work munching away on any plant present — because, in case you didn’t know, goats eat pretty much anything. Amazon backs us up on this one in their rent-a-goat FAQ:

Thanks to “Home Services,” if your property is deemed goat-appropriate, you can now easily rent a few furry creatures to munch on your unwanted vegetation. And in case you’re just not sold yet, Amazon’s description of the whole thing is also pretty delightful.

If complimentary goat droppings aren’t enough to sway you, we just don’t know what will. Find out more about the service here! (Image via Larry Jordan on Flickr.)

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