5 gadgets you can get on Amazon to help you survive Mercury Retrograde

Oh, Mercury Retrograde. The bane of our communication and technological existence. Starting March 22nd, Mercury goes backwards, which means this pesky planet will be causing a lot of delays and glitches in our lives. Although technology can be negatively affected by Mercury Retrograde, there are some gadgets available on Amazon that can actually help you through the next three weeks.

During Mercury Retrograde, just about anything can go wrong with tech and communication. Think: computer crashes, delayed flights, lost files, dropped calls, and tons of unnecessary fights with bae or awkward emails with coworkers. To keep things peaceful and try to reduce your stress, we put together a list of affordable gadgets you can get in just two days from Amazon.

From file-storage devices to backup chargers to a gadget that will literally track your stuff when your Mercury Retrograde mush brain fails you and you can’t find that bag you just put down, these gadgets may actually make your life a little easier while we suffer through this period.

We might not be able to stop the next three weeks from driving us bananas, but we can try to make things easier with these items.

1G-TING USB Flash Drive


Price: $26.89

Worried about your phone crashing (which is highly likely during this time)? Then you’ll definitely need this 32 GB USB flash drive, which is perfect for backing up your media — like fave photos and music — from your iPhone or Android and moving it onto your computer.

2Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive


Price: $59.99

Speaking of computers, your best bet is to back up any files you have on yours. Files are known to mysteriously disappear during this time, so make sure you back up any important docs, drafts, and projects — or maybe every single thing on your computer because you never know! —  on an external hard drive.

3Yootech Wireless Charger


Price: $12.99

With travel delays being almost inevitable during Mercury Retrograde, you can expect to be hanging out at the airport for a long time. And everyone knows that the only thing worse than a dead smartphone battery is a lack of charging stations. A wireless charger like this one will lessen the stress!

4GlocalMe U2 4G Mobile Hotspot Global Wi-Fi


Price: $119

If you depend on WiFi (and who doesn’t?) then you might want to consider buying a mobile hotspot. Mercury Retrograde is notorious for messing around with our WiFi connections, so this could be the answer to your Internet prayers, especially if you’re traveling.

This hotspot, from Glocal Me, is SIM-free, which allows travelers to journey wherever their hearts desire without any local SIM card or roaming charges in over 100 countries and regions. Just pay for the data you use!

5Trakdot Luggage Tracker


Price: $39.97

Travel delays could also include lost luggage during Mercury Retrograde. If you’re like me and one of your greatest travel fears is losing your suitcase, then Mercury Retrograde could very well turn those nightmares into reality. Which is why a luggage tracker could be your next fave travel gadget.

It can’t prevent you from losing your stuff, but at least you’ll find comfort in knowing exactly where it is. To activate Trakdot, an annual $24.99 fee is required, along with the purchase of the device.

Although avoiding delays and mishaps can’t be guaranteed during Mercury Retrograde, hopefully these useful gadgets can at least eliminate a tiny bit of stress. We know — April 15th can’t get here soon enough!

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