Amazon is cracking down on all those fake reviews

What’s the point of reading reviews before buying a product if the reviews aren’t honest? This is how Amazon feels when it comes to the growing number of fake reviews being posted on their website. More specifically, some users are reportedly taking to a website called Fiverr to offer up five-star reviews for Amazon sellers in exchange for money.

Amazon is suing 1,144 unidentified sellers for peddling “false, misleading and inauthentic” reviews that undermine the purpose of the feature. The complaint outlines the company’s issues:

Fiverr, an online platform for selling odd jobs and gigs, is not the target of this lawsuit. Amazon told CNBC, “While we cannot comment on active litigation, we can clarify that this lawsuit is not against Fiverr, it is against individuals who are providing these reviews and undermining customer trust on Amazon.”

However, Amazon does need their help in obtaining the info necessary to carry out these charges. It’s still unclear if Fiverr is going to cooperate.

This lawsuit follows earlier legal action by Amazon, that went up against whole websites for equally shady dealings. As a result, most of those websites have been shut down. Targeting individual users is the next step in keeping the review section honest and trustworthy. And anything that ensures more honesty in this world, well we’re all for it.

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