This 17-year-old artist is giving Disney a serious run for their money

If there’s one thing we can learn from the unbelievable successes of certain animated movies over the past year (*cough* Frozen *cough*), it’s that illustration and animation still inspire a sense of wonder in all of us. And one young artist in California is taking that magic to the next level.

Mandy Wang, from San Diego, is a talented, detail-oriented artist who is creating amazing illustrations that even Pixar would be proud of — and she’s only 17 years old. Using watercolors and layered colored pencil, Mandy creates uncannily accurate depictions of beloved Disney and Marvel characters.

Mandy’s work takes on both our favorite heroines . . .

. . . and our favorite heroes, with stunning accuracy and detail.

Thankfully, Mandy isn’t shy about sharing her process, and has actually posted several time-lapse videos revealing the progress of pieces that she’s worked on, from start to finish.

Her drawings and illustrations have become immensely Internet popular, and she even has her own online store where her pieces are available for purchase as phone cases.

Mandy is also proudly displaying her work all over her Instagram, where she’s gained a mighty impressive following of 71,000.

While we’re totally in awe of Mandy’s skill we’re also MEGA impressed by her dedication to her craft. Mandy posted two images she made of Tangled one year apart and the improvement is for serious impressive. Her tireless practice has paid off big time.

With so much improvement in only one short year (she was also, pretty darn good to begin with), it’s clear Mandy is an illustrator to watch. Keep your eye on her Disney, she could be running things one day.

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