This amazing photo of a “fogbow,” aka a fog rainbow, is seriously blowing our minds

Today in ~amazing natural beauty~ we’re bowing down to the earth right now because of this truly incredible shot. This photographer’s awe-inspiring photo of a fogbow is captivating the internet because, well, we’d never even heard of a fogbow until now! Fogbows, aka fog rainbows, aka white rainbows are natural phenomenons that are true works of art. And, during a photo shoot in Glencoe, Scotland, photographer Melvin Nicholson snapped just the right photo to showcase the beauty of the fogbow.

The photographer shared the photo to Instagram, and it immediately wowed people from all over the country. And we can definitely see why! We’re still sunned ourselves. The photographer captioned the photo,

"Unbelievable white rainbow (otherwise known as a Fog Bow) down on Rannoch Moor near Glencoe in Scotland on Sunday."

As Nicholson told Mashable,

"I was shooting with a friend of mine Scott Robertson when he mentioned that a fogbow was appearing due to the sun burning off the mist. I am just so pleased that people are getting to know that fogbows exist as it appears few people do, including me before Sunday."

Oh, science. We love it when you bring beautiful things into our lives! We’ll definitely be on the hunt for some fogbows of our own, now.