Just the Most Important Moments From MTV’s Fandom Awards

This past weekend, MTV celebrated fangirls and fanboys from all over, with the first ever mtvU Fandom Awards. The event, held at San Diego Comic-Con, honored pop culture’s finest geek-out moments and muses. With nominees like Frozen, Teen Wolf, Hannibal, and Orphan Black, and categories like “Best Ship,” “Breakout Fandom of the Year,” and “Fandom Feat of the Year,” this was not your average celebrity awards show. If you weren’t able to make it out to San Diego, here’s what happened:

Veronica Mars took home the award for “Fandom of the Year”

To no one’s surprise, the Veronica Mars fandom received the honor of “Fandom of the Year” for successfully resurrecting the beloved character and Kickstarting a campaign that raised over twice its initial goal. The movie itself managed to receive rave reviews and a 78% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes (you go, Mars fandom).

Did we also mention that Veronica Mars‘ Tina Majorino, star of every90s movie you loved, accepted the award on behalf of the cast? That was awesome.

Game of Thrones won “Best OMG Moment” with “Purple Wedding” (“The Lion and The Rose”)

To devoted fans of the HBO hit, this win was a no-brainer. After drinking a cup of deliciously camouflaged poison, the youthful tyrant Joffrey Baratheon bit the dust in a show of morbid come-uppance that was long overdue but still shocking. Game of Thrones was able to edge out tough competition from the How I Met Your Mother and Breaking Bad season finales—and the announcements of the Batman vs Superman and Star Wars movies—to win the overall title of “Best OMG Moment.”

Natalie Dormer and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau were pretty psyched to accept the award.

Hannibal won “Breakout Fandom of the Year”

Just when we thought cannibalism couldn’t get any more awesome (sarcasm intended), Will Graham and Dr. Lecter stepped in and one-upped us. The satisfyingly grotesque masterpiece has gained a huge following in its relatively short run so far and has had critics raving since its pilot, prompting predictions of Emmy wins and wide-scale recognition. With stunning cinematography and unparalleled performances by Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen, NBC’s Hannibal easily walked away with the title of “Breakout Fandom.” Here’s hoping that Will also won a few hundred dogs.

John Green was given the “Visionary Award”

For all of his adored novels and hilariously touching YouTube vlogging, it was about time that John Green was awarded with something special. In a heartwarming moment, after being presented with the “Visionary Award” for his innovation and captivating work, a video tribute sent by Shailene Woodley, Nat Wolff and Ansel Elgort was even played for The Fault in Our Stars author. “A true visionary can very well be defined as an individual who has the ability to inspire, enthrall and captivate legions of fans, yet never break a sweat doing it,” read MTV’s statement on Green’s award. “This description fits award-winning American author John Green to a T.” Green’s wildly successful YA novels continue to delight readers of all ages and for that he is owed a multitude of praises. . . okay? Okay.

Linkin Park blew the roof off with their hit “Until It’s Gone”

Crowds went bonkers for the group’s massive Thursday night performance of their recent hit, cheering so loudly that the screams could be heard all the way at the end of the Nerd HQ venue inside Petco Park. Chloë Moretz lauded the band for their talents and reportedly “gushed” over their decade-long (and well-earned) reign in the world of modern rock, capping the night’s festivities and sending them out with a bang.

If you missed it, you can still catch up on the Fandom Award broadcast by visiting the mtvU website here. Happy fangirling!

Featured image via MTV. Images via Wired, Fansided, NBC, Fangirlish.

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