This AMAZING mom threw her daughter a party after she started her period

Having your period may not necessarily feel like a reason to celebrate, but the first time that a girl gets it is a pretty momentous occasion. And Brooke Lee’s mom thought the same thing since she threw her daughter a period party. While it appears to have been a fairly low-key affair, Brooke’s mom Shelly is still our hero.

As Shelly told BuzzFeed News, “[Brooke] was anxious to have her period. I wanted to make this event a little more fun!” So, she organized a surprise shindig for Brooke, complete with pads and tampons and a chocolate cake with red icing that said, “Congrats on your period.”

The period party has now gone viral since Brooke’s cousin Autumn Jenkins shared photos of the event on Twitter.

While not every girl would like this type of attention about anything — let alone her period — that wasn’t the case for Brooke.

"Brooke wasn't embarrassed by the period party." Autumn, who is 17, told Mashable. "She thought it was funny. It's kinda normal for our family to do something like this."

The 12-year-old Brooke actually even seems to be embracing her newfound fame by tweeting about it. false

There should be no stigma surrounding periods since menstruation is just a normal part of life. And this party proves that Brooke’s fabulous and supportive family feels the same way. As Autumn so perfectly stated to Mashable:

"I think that this story teaches girls, and even guys, that periods aren't a horrible or embarrassing thing. Its [sic] a milestone and [a] big part of a girls [sic] life."

Autumn is absolutely right — your first period is a milestone. And now, we’re kind of wishing we had been given a party and a chocolate cake on our first period day.

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