5 amazing Jyn Erso moments in “Rogue One” that made us scream YAAAAS

Rogue One finally opened this past weekend. We’ve seen it one or twice (okay, maybe three times), because needless to say we’re a little obsessed (and so is the world, because of Rogue One, Disney has made a historic 7 billion dollars globally in box office sales this year, and omg). And while we love Star Wars, and we were going to flock to the theaters to see it anyway, our repeat viewins are due to one thing, and one thing alone: Jyn Ersp.

When we weren’t crying Rogue One tears of joy (and sadness), we were applauding Jyn Erso being *so* badass. Here are our favorite Jyn moments (there are spoilers ahead, so just go see the movie already):

1Jyn won’t give Cassian her blaster.

When Jyn departs for Jedha with Cassian and K-2SO, the droid notices she has a blaster. Though they want her to give it up, Jyn doesn’t. Instead, she tells Cassian that trust goes both ways. She won’t give up the blaster – especially because Jedha is essentially a war zone and Jyn knows she can FIGHT.

2She saves the little girl on Jedha.

As Saw Gerrera’s rebels attack the Imperial forces on Jedha, Jyn notices a little girl caught in the crossfire. She flings herself into harms way to protect the child. This moment of selflessness shows us a lot about Jyn. Despite her hardened manner, she’s a really good person. Oh, also, her fight sequence with Stormtroopers is pretty awesome.

3Jyn climbs that enormous ladder on Eadu and takes the Stormtrooper’s weapon.

Jyn trusts her intuition. She finds something off about Cassian’s actions, so Jyn leaves the ship to try to get to her father. That means climbing up the mother of all ladders (in a storm, no less). When she finally reaches the top, a Stormtrooper is right there; she snags his weapon right away. Ultimately, this is how and why she gets to say goodbye to her father – and now we’re crying again.

4She rallies the troops.

Jyn isn’t able to take the hologram where her father explains the Death Star’s weakness. So, she’s the only person who knows its weakness. Jyn attempts to gain the trust of the rebel alliance and gives a rousing speech. It doesn’t convince them, but she does win over a smaller group led by Cassian. They decide to go steal the Death Star plans by themselves.

5Jyn almost falls off the tower at Scarif.

Jyn has to realign the communication systems at Scarif. Of course, they get hit, nearly flinging Jyn off the tower. However, she hangs on, and claws her way back up. She’s so close to finishing her mission, and she won’t be stopped.

We cheered for Jyn constantly during  Rogue One. She’s a strong, resourceful, passionate heroine. Even though she doesn’t get the happy ending we’d hope for her, Jyn is Star Wars perfection and we’re so glad to have her. Now pardon us while we go see the movie *again.*

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