We’re totally buggin’ over this amazing “Clueless” announcement!

Clueless is arguably one of the best, most girl-power packed comedies of all time! It’s been over twenty years and the Emma adaption still leaves us laughing!

Since it came out in the 90s, Clueless fans have had to live with re-watching (and lots of quoting) to get their Clueless fix. We all remember the TV series, but somehow that just wasn’t enough. Therefore we’re really excited to share this amazing Clueless related news!

Clueless is going to be a comic book!

It’s true! According to i09, Boom! Studios is making our dreams come true!

And there’s even MORE 90’s nostalgia news IN the news!

Turns out, the comic book will have a trio of awesome women behind it. Siobhan Keenan of Adventure Time is illustrating, and one of the writers is the awesome Sarah Kuhn of Heroine Complex. But joining Kuhn in co-writing the Clueless comic is Amber Benson, AKA our beloved Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!

Okay, totally buggin’!

The comic will follow Cher, Dionne, and Tai as they roll with the homies, finish high school, and start to look into college. And maybeee start to think about growing up? (As if)! Fans will remember the movie left Cher turning over a new leaf.  She’s still her smart, sassy self, but doing volunteer work and being a more considerate person in general!

We can’t wait to see what happens to all our favorite characters! Here’s to hoping we get to see Cher grow up to be a totally fabulous Beverly Hills activist with a locally-sourced, sustainable wardrobe! We would definitely love a Brittany Murphy tribute as well. But whatever Benson and Kuhn come up with, we trust them! We’re just so totally excited to see the world of Clueless back in action!

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