8 amazing apple cider cocktails you’re going to want to drink all autumn long

The weather’s getting cooler, which only means one thing — apple cider. Whether we drink it warm or cold, we like ours with a twist. And we found some amazing apple cider cocktails you’re going to want to drink all autumn long.

Of course, the first key ingredient is cider, and there are so many on the market these days. Hint: You haven’t lived until you’ve tried an apple cider that’s a honeycrisp blend. Yum.

You can also try making your own apple cider, like the Organic Gardening Resource Center explains. They recommend having a crusher, a press, and six kinds of apples. Apparently, the right apple cider is all about using the right apples, states Albemarle Cider Works’ website.

But making apple cider sounds a bit… complex. We’ll probably stick to buying apple cider from farmers’ markets or grocery stores, then adding some fun ingredients to spice them up, so to speak.

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In case you don’t know what to add to your apple cider, here are some ideas. And if the ingredients aren’t specified, just click on the IG post and voilà!

1. You can make an apple cider martini.

Everyone likes a good martini, right? And when it’s apple cider-flavored, you can’t go wrong! We added some apple cider and cinnamon to Skyy Vodka and shook it up. Yum. (The sugar rim is optional.)


2. Of course, if gin is more your thing, there’s gin-inspired apple cider cocktails out there, too.


3. This apple cider cocktail is made with caramel vodka. Yes, please.

4. This apple cider drink takes a Moscow Mule to a whole new level.

5. Of course, you can always buy a bottle of American Spiked Apple Cider from Brown Jug Spirits.

Pour some into a glass, and then add double the amount of fresh apple cider. You can either drink it warm or cold. Then add cinnamon and enjoy.

6. Mixing amaretto with apple cider? One word — genius.

7. We love how clever IG’s @psumbs83 got with these pre-made apple cider cocktails.

8. When all else fails, this is all you really need. LOL.

Happy apple cider cocktail-ing, everyone! After all, we may as well get our apple cider fill before winter-themed drinks take over. ?