Amandla Stenberg’s crazy uplifting Instagram posts are the inspo we needed to get through the mess that is 2016

By now, we’ve all basically accepted 2016 as the Worst Year Ever. And, I mean, we’re laughing about it, but it’s also a fact that election-related stress is sending people to therapy at bizarrely high rates, that police brutality is still a thing, and that the Dakota Access Pipeline is causing major disruption up north. Basically, this has been a hard year for many of us, and it can be so, so hard to see past the bad and find some hope. So when we saw these *super* uplifting posts by Amandla Stenberg on Instagram, we were flooded with relief.

These Instas by Amandla Stenberg are so simple and yet SO inspiring. They’re seriously *just* what we needed to read this week.

On the first, she shares a photo that reads,

"Walk a little. Rest a little. Smile for a little. Enjoy."

And on the second, she writes,

"You belong here on this planet"

Like, come on, guys. How chill is that?

Sometimes, it really is the simple things, and these simple things have us feeling bizarrely calm in the best way. It’s such a good reminder to find time to sit back and just be. It isn’t easy, but it’s a must. Take care of yourselves, friends.

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