Amandla Stenberg just put out a music video for their amazing cover

ICYMI, Amandla Stenberg, NYU student/actor/author/activist/busiest 18-year-old EVER not only stars in a new film that’s coming out ~soon~, but Stenberg’s also been busy SINGING. Yup, Amandla Stenberg just put out a music video for their amazing cover, reported Nylon, and once you listen to it, you won’t be able to stop. It’s Stenberg’s first single, reported Refinery29, also directed and edited by the mega-talented star. Talk about multi-tasking!

The cover is of Mac DeMarco’s song “Let My Baby Stay,” and not only can we watch the video below, but we’ll also be able to hear it onscreen soon. Stenberg sings it in the upcoming Everything, Everything, the movie where their character, Maddy, falls for the boy next door, Olly (played by Nick Robinson). However, Maddy is allergic to ~everything~, so has lived a very sheltered life. Can you imagine, btw?! But what a great plot…

Okay, we know — let’s listen to and watch Stenberg’s version of the song already!

We told you so, right?!

You may have noticed that Stenberg’s rendition is different from DeMarco’s. While his is acoustic, theirs has a soulful R&B vibe. We seriously could listen to it on repeat all day and night!

Meanwhile, we’re counting down the days till May 19th, when Everything, Everything comes out. See you at the theater!