Amandla Stenberg had the most badass photo from the Women’s March

There was so much feel-good empowerment to be found at the Women’s March this past weekend. We’re still buzzing from all that good energy. Many of our fave celebs were at the march, and it gave us this incredible feeling of solidarity. But of all the incredible celebrity photos from the Women’s March, this shot of Amandla Stenberg really stood out. It doesn’t hurt that Amandla is a feminist icon in their own right, so we’ve already been absolutely huge fans for ages. But even objectively, this photo of Amandla Stenberg at the Women’s March is breathtakingly beautiful and so impactful.

Amandla, who was a part of the Artists’ Table at the Women’s March, is known for taking a stance and not being afraid to put everything, from their career to their body, on the line. More than ever, this photo illustrates just that, and proves how dedicated they are to the causes that they feel most passionate about.

TBH this photo of Amandla Stenberg at the Women’s March is filling us with inspiration. How *incredible* is this?!

Amandla captioned the photo,

"screaming my damn lungs out - screaming anger, screaming fear, screaming JOY THAT WE ARE ALL HERE"

Like, YES. One commenter wrote, “you are so damn inspiring,” and another wrote, “You are a legend ❤.” We honestly couldn’t agree more.

Photographer Jake West grabbed the shot from another angle, and like, wow.

This looks like a still from the most badass movie. We’d definitely see it (hint-hint to any movie people who wanna make our dreams a reality)!

Also pictured in the shot is Maya Saizami Tripathi, an artist based in Los Angeles.

On their Instagram post, Maya explained that a photographer gave them each a copy of the photo to keep, and it’s so meaningful.

"thank you whoever who took this and handed it up to show us. heart is full while realizing that solidarity is action beyond marching"

We just love this entire story. Sending major solidarity!