Amandla Stenberg just designed her own tees for Art Hoe Collective (we want them ALL)

We majorly heart Art Hoe Collective, the movement founded last year that took over the ~web~ and created space for young, marginalized artists and creators. Created by people like Sage AdamsMars, Jam, and Amandla Stenberg, Art Hoe Collective has connected *so* many rad people, and they’re celebrating by selling these adorable and super on-trend tees. We’ve gotta have ’em.

The ~lewk~

“Art Hoe Collective shirts with my art on them are out,” Amandla posted.

We’re so into the design, and blown away by Amandla’s talent. Not only is she this absolutely flawless actress and advocate, but she’s also such a talented artist.

Like, look how effin’ cute that is?

For all of your edgy needs.

BRB, buying like 20 of these. Major heart eyes happening over here!

Learn more about Art Hoe Collective in the video below!

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