One of Amanda Seyfried’s pregnancy side effects is downright bizarre

There’s recently been some amazing news coming from the Amanda Seyfried camp: She’s pregnant! She and her fiance Thomas Sadoski are expecting their first baby together, and we couldn’t be more stoked for the lovely couple. Amanda chatted with Refinery 29 about the ins and outs of being pregnant, and she’s been dealing with this one really weird side effect having having a bun in the oven. She can smell electricity. Yes, ELECTRICITY! She basically has superpowers.

So, yeah, Seyfried picks up on smells of electricity. Heightened sense of smell isn’t an uncommon symptom of being pregnant, but catching a whiff of something electronic is definitely a curveball.

"I swear to god I can smell the TV. There's this static-y, metal-y scent," the actress says.

We’re not exactly sure what you mean, Amanda, but we believe you. The scent of the television isn’t something that puts her off, though. The only smell that grosses out Amanda is body odor. Because, well, obviously.

"The only thing I can't tolerate is body odor. Normally, it’s fine — I know it’ll pass or I can leave the room — but I cannot tolerate it anymore. I have a hard time with that."

Well, that’s a lot less strange than smelling electricity. Amanda and her fiancé are looking impossibly happy together these days, so we can’t wait to see what the little baby will look like. In the meantime, we just hope Thomas is showering regularly.