Amanda Seyfried gave Taylor Swift’s “Mean” a Mean Girls makeover, and her lyrics are totally fetch

Karen Smith is back. Over the weekend, Amanda Seyfried channeled her iconic Mean Girls character by covering Taylor Swift’s 2011 anthem, “Mean”—with some clever lyrical changes. Seyfried sang the country song with Ashley Park, who played Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls on Broadway in 2018.

The duet took place at the Williamstown Theater Festival in Massachusetts. Park sported a blazer (hot pink, of course) while Seyfried wore a trench coat (also pink, because, duh). Toward the end of the song, the duo whipped off their jackets to reveal matching black bedazzled T-shirts—Seyfried’s with her signature backwards “K”, and Park’s spelling out “fetch.”

The pair changed the chorus to “Someday I’ll be fetch enough so you can’t hit me,” and now this version is forever stuck in our heads. They also made references to the Burn book, singing, “You’re a liar, and pathetic, and a fugly slut,” and bringing us back into the bitchy world of Mean Girls. Seyfried worked in as many quotes from her lovably dumb character, Karen, as possible.

“I walk with my head down ’cause I kissed my cousin and I’ll never impress you. I just want to feel okay again,” she sang.

She followed this line by coughing into the microphone and quoting Karen’s lame “I’m sick” excuse. Park replied with the classic Regina George response “Boo, you whore.” Watch their totally grool performance below.

The duo ended their performance by singing Lily Allen’s “Fuck You,” rounding out the sassy Mean Girls theme. Seyfried and Park clearly had a good time putting their Mean Girls mark on T-Swift’s song, and we’re so glad they gifted us with this hilarious walk down memory lane.

Now just go grab some Taco Bell and watch Mean Girls for the millionth time.

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