Amanda Seyfried revealed the one product that helps her sleep at night

We feel like we can definitely trust Amanda Seyfried with health and beauty advice. After all, she always looks well-rested and totally camera ready. Since sleep is one of the most important things (if you don’t believe us, you’ve probably never had insomnia before) we’re all ears when it comes to her suggestions about how to get better rest.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Seyfried credited one product to getting the shut-eye she needs — lavender oil. You probably weren’t expecting that, right?

It seems like in general, Seyfried depends on scents a lot when it comes to her overall routine.

"Lavender oil is supposed to be calming, so I'll dab a tiny bit under my nose before I go to sleep," Seyfried said. "I also keep crystals next to my bed, because they're great for things like boosting immunity and alleviating anxiety. I think all that stuff is magic and can help bring positive energy your way."

Seyfried and her husband, Thomas Sadowski, just recently welcomed their first child. So, sleep is pretty important right now.

According to Organic Facts, lavender oil has a few important benefits. Not only does it smell nice, but it can be used to help prevent tension and enhance your blood circulation. Sounds good to us.

Here’s another reason why we’re listening to Seyfried: She’s totally reasonable. In fact, she told Marie Claire that her goal is to spend as little time on a beauty routine as possible. (And since she always looks fantastic, we know her routine is definitely a good one.)

"When it comes to a beauty routine, I want to spend less than five minutes in front of the mirror," she said, crediting Clé de Peau Beauté's cleansing foam and La Crème for her flawless skin.

Um, we think we’ll be taking all of our advice from Seyfried from here on out.

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