Amanda Seyfried posted an Insta to show that she misses “Mean Girls” as much as we do

Mean Girls came out over 10 years ago, but we still think of it like an old friend. We watch it in our pajamas when we’re feeling down, and still we quote it all the time. We definitely quote it on Wednesdays when we accidentally (or, maybe on purpose) wear pink.

Since Mean Girls first came out, Amanda Seyfried has gone on to become a bonafide star in her own right, but she proved in an Instagram photo yesterday that she actually misses her time on Mean Girls just as much as the rest of us. She posted a photo still from the movie, and here it is below:

The caption on the photo says, “Tbt! 13 years ago I shot my first scene in my first movie. I’m back in Toronto with some of the same fine folks who helped me through it. #imamouseduh” The photo is of her very first scene, and we love imagining how anxious and excited she was while it was taken. It must have been a huge moment for her!

We love that she’s reminiscing about where she came from, and that she also is taking the time to thank the people who helped her through her early days as an actress. She also seems to have a great sense of humor — just like some of her characters. We love this photo, and it’s actually making us want to put on our pajamas and watch Mean Girls right now…but we’ll have to wait for tonight after work.

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