Amanda Seyfried got real on Twitter about the stigma of breastfeeding

When you have your first baby, you might be pulled into different directions as to how to care for him or her. In fact, you might face a bit of anxiety, especially when feeding is concerned. Amanda Seyfried opened up about breastfeeding on Twitter, reminding us further that there’s no right or wrong way.

This is especially important, since a lot of women are finding themselves chastised for breastfeeding in public. While many follow the phrase “breast is best,” others are turned off by the act. Why? Well, despite the fact that women have been breastfeeding since the beginning of time, breasts have been seen more as a sex object. A lot of people who haven’t had to feed a baby have a hard time dealing with a public display — even with a modesty cover.

However, that’s not the only method criticized — many people are also against formula since unlike breastmilk, it’s not natural. But not every new mother can provide the right amount of milk for their babies, and some babies have issues latching on. For others, it’s just too painful.

As a new mom, Seyfried said it best with this powerful tweet.

As expected, she got a ton of support from moms who feel the same way. false false

It seems like no matter which way women choose to feed their baby, they’re faced with criticism. And there’s nothing worse that mommy shaming, especially when every situation is a little bit different.

Seyfried went on to quote Maureen Shaw, a feminist activist and the founder of

She’s not the only celebrity to stand up for breastfeeding. Kristen Bell, Gwen Stefani, and Olivia Wilde have also notably mentioned nursing their babies on social media.

We’re so happy that Seyfried is putting it all out there, and making it known that the best way to feed your baby is, simply, to feed you baby — whichever way works best for you.

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