Petition for Amanda Seyfried to review all books

As if we weren’t already ridiculously excited for Sloane Crosley’s new novel The Clasp, actress and all-around lovely human Amanda Seyfried has just increased our excitement tenfold.

In a new video posted to Vulture, Seyfried offers her extensive thoughts on the book during what seems to be a readers’ discussion group. It gets very silly, very fast; and Seyfried gets increasingly desperate to express herself as it becomes increasingly obvious she’s never actually read the book. In the video, Seyfried chugs wine like a champ while she searches for believable comparisons she can make about The Clasp‘s plot and style. She ends up naming everything from Hemingway to Goonies fan fiction (both erotic and regular) as the novel’s potential influences, before finally admitting the truth at the end of the video.

The whole thing is extremely reminiscent of the all-too-relatable experience of forgetting to do your reading for a class and trying to deduce what it was about from two blurbs and a Sparknotes summary — and it’s all kinds of amazing. Personally, we’d love for Seyfried to review every upcoming book that she’s never read in the same fashion from now until eternity.

To provide a little background, The Clasp is Crosley’s first novel, and follows the story of three reunited friends on their quest to find a priceless necklace that disappeared during the Nazi invasion of France. If you haven’t read Crosley’s previous work — most notably, her essay collections I Was Told There’d Be Cake and How Did You Get This Number — now’s the time to do so. (You should also totally read her writing for us here at HelloGiggles.) Hopefully Seyfried will find the time to read them, too, before she hosts her next book club meeting.

Check out the book trailer for yourself below — and The Clasp when it hits bookstores on October 6.

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