‘The Talk’ Host Amanda Kloots Doesn’t Want You to Call Her a ‘Single Mom’

The TV host shares the self-care and parenting tips she's learned after losing husband, Nick Cordero.

It takes a village. This is something that every parent knows, especially those in single-parent situations. Amanda Kloots, host of CBS’s “The Talk,” is a member of that group. The 40-year-old became the sole provider to son Elvis, 3, when her husband and Broadway star Nick Cordero sadly succumbed to Covid-Pneumonia in 2020.

Since then, The New York Times bestselling author of Live Your Life and former Rockette is on a mission to help moms everywhere who are trying to balance it all: motherhood, work, socializing, fitness, and more. As Kloots herself has learned, whether you’re a quote-on-quote “single” mom or parenting with a partner, it can be easy to lose yourself in the process of trying to do everything all at once.

Since September is Self-Care Awareness Month, Kloots chatted with HelloGiggles on behalf of Swanson W/I/O, (it stands for wellness inside and out), a line of supplements geared specifically toward mental health and wellness, to offer some helpful parenting advice. Here are her top three tips.

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Quit thinking “me time” is selfish

The warm and engaging mom (who is starring in and producing a Christmas special for CBS this December) is also a fitness enthusiast, so squeezing in time for herself in order to exercise ranks right up there with the importance of getting some sleep. And that’s nothing to feel bad about in Kloots’s book.

“We have to help ourselves first and foremost before we can take care of our children and significant others,” she says. “When we think about doing things for ourselves, we think we are being selfish. Absolutely not.”

Find Helpful Hacks, Block Out the Guilt

To find more time in her schedule, Kloots is a big fan of seeking out methods that will save her time and take tasks off of her plate.

“For example, I have my groceries delivered. That saves me time and then I can use that hour for something else, such as exercising or playing with my son,” says Kloots.

Still, even with the most time-saving of strategies, the TV host knows some days can get out of hand.  “I’m keeping it 💯 over here. It’s a day-by-day struggle and you get pulled in every direction,” she admits. But when you feel the mom guilt, Kloots advises to remember that you’re doing your best, and that’s all you can do.

“Single” Doesn’t Mean You’re Alone

After her husband Nick’s tragic death, Kloots admits she doesn’t like to be referred to as a single mom.

“The term itself makes you feel alone,” she says. But that’s far from her reality.

Kloots has surrounded herself with a virtual army of friends, family and others who are willing to pitch in on the daily, and she advises the same for others—and to ask for help whenever you need it.

“You don’t have to do it alone,” Kloots says. “People want to help. So I never feel like I’m doing it alone.”

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