Amanda Bynes vs. Rihanna – The Twitter Feud That May Have Gone Too Far

Oh, Twitter: the place where people can write daily observances in 140 characters or less, and the main place to feud with your fellow celebrity. We’ve heard about some great Twitter-related brawls in the past, but the most recent – between Rihanna and Amanda Bynes – crosses a few lines.

Granted, both of them are guilty of posting questionable things on Twitter in the past, but Bynes started this one, with a pretty malicious tweet, saying, “Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough.” Uh… what?

Feud or not, that’s a really terrible thing for anyone to say, and pretty much makes it obvious that Bynes thinks domestic violence is a joke. Nobody should be beaten, period. Ever.

Rihanna responded with, “Ya see what happens when they cancel Intervention?” (I’m bummed out too, Rihanna. I’m a big fan of Jeff VanVonderen, and how “everyone in this room loves you like crazy”.) Note that Rihanna didn’t call out Amanda directly. Heck, she could have been talking about how I knocked a bunch of dishes off the table when I heard they cancelled Intervention.

I’m not sure what Bynes’ recent obsession with beauty is – according to Twitter, she’s quick to label people as “pretty” or “ugly”. All of the people who hate her or try to report on the dangers she’s putting herself in? Ugly. All of her old pictures from before her plastic surgery? Ugly. All of the pictures of her wearing a wig while presumably smoking pot on the street? Those are the ones she deems beautiful enough to hit tabloid covers. As a fellow human, I understand how it feels to have pictures out there that seem to be unflattering, but it’s a bummer that Amanda only feels beautiful when she’s posing half-naked with a new face and a wig. She was an insanely beautiful girl before the recent ugliness of her inner character came out. It’s like she morphed into my 8th grade bully overnight.

Rihanna hasn’t been a Twitter saint herself – her tweeting pictures of her straddling then-maybe?-ex Chris Brown ticked off a lot of people who were concerned about her re-involvement with him after everything from the past. Also, if we’re lumping social networking scandals, let’s not forget this Instagram memory. But in the grand scheme of things, her tweets were based on her personal decisions that could only really hurt herself (and break the hearts of her fanbase.) Bynes, however, seemingly picked a fight because she knew it’d make news. And not only was it random, but it attacked a fellow celebrity in a pretty disrespectful way. Guys, nobody should tell another human being that they’re ugly. It’s a low blow, and leads to nothing positive.

Speaking of celebrities being in the media for not the greatest of reasons, let’s all try to take this advice from Cady Heron. Because Mean Girls had a bunch of great advice on how being catty can really destroy your life.

Now, it’s not clear if anything necessarily provoked Bynes outside of Twitter, but Rihanna has been super cool about all of it since. In fact, she let the subject rest soon after the Intervention tweet, while Amanda went on.

However, – wait. All those statements above? She must have been hacked, you guys! Pulling an Amy and Samy Bouzaglo on the world, she denied the tweets later on, and commented on how she’d love to be in a music video with Rihanna someday. Maybe she read some pamphlets about how domestic violence can negatively affect any women, regardless of age, race, education and appearance during the brief Internet time lapse.

Amanda now claims that those tweets were mock-ups – so, pretty much someone Photoshopped her saying them.  However, it’s 2013 – I’m more likely to believe TMZ than Bynes these days. (You threw a vase out the window? While vases are more internationally accepted as an everyday object over a bong, you shouldn’t have thrown anything out of a 36-story window!)

My personal reason of disbelief of the “fake tweet” theory is.. well, she sent this to model Christine Teigen while I was writing this article. Maybe she never changed her password? (Insert awkward cough).

Here’s the real question: What do you guys think? Do you think Amanda might have actually been the victim of false tweeting? Do you think Rihanna should have let it go, and not even (seemingly) acknowledged the tweet? Should celebrities avoid contacting each other in an environment where hundreds of thousands of people can see it?

Even more – have you ever been the victim of a twitter feud, or maybe sent out something to the world without thinking twice? We’d love to hear your opinion on Twitter being a battleground in the comments!

Image Credits:, TMZ, and myself (tweets) (featured)

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