A few ways to be totally, 500% sure you’re dating The One

Ah, dating. That thing we all simultaneously love and hate. There are so many rules, so many questions, so many ifs ands or buts (and butts). Dating can be stressful and confusing, but it can also be super fun and life changing if you’re dating the right person. Once in a super blood moon, you wind up dating The One. That one person who is absolutely perfect — perfect for you and perfect in general (according to you).

Everything flows — you guys just get each other. Eventually after dating for a while, you may start thinking about taking the next step (length of time will obviously vary from couple to couple, so no need to panic). But how are you supposed to really know that you’re dating the one person you’re meant to spend the whole entire rest of your life with? Because that’s a really long time.

Allow me to help. I don’t have a degree in dating, but I am married and have dated my fair share of humans before finding my One, so my advice isn’t completely out of left field. SO: To be absolutely, completely, 500% sure you’re dating The One, you may want to ask yourself these simple questions:

1. Do you guys laugh at the same stuff?

A shared sense of humor is mandatory. If your partner prides him or herself on being funny or loving things that are funny, you should probably think your partner is funny. And vice versa. Pretending to think they’re funny will only last so long. Genuinely laughing together isn’t one of “The 5 Love Languages,” but it should be.

2. Do you put your partner’s needs above your own?

Humans are inherently selfish, so if you find yourself putting the needs of your partner before yours, that selflessness is a sure sign that you’re heading in the right direction.

3. What about Netflix? Do you agree on most shows and movies?

Now, this one isn’t essential, but being super into a show when your S.O. is super not into that show can be a huge bummer. Enjoying the same genre of TV shows and movies means you’re definitely compatible in the “let’s sit on a couch and do nothing but watch things” category.

4. Do you like the same foods?

You don’t have to like all the same foods, but if one of you is a vegan and the other eats fast food every day, there may be some fundamental differences. I recognize that not everyone is a food sharer, but is there anything better than ordering two meals and sharing BOTH? You basically get two meals out of one, and that’s beautiful.

5. Do you love each other unconditionally?

Unconditional means there are no conditions — within reason, of course. You can’t be expected to keep loving someone if they cheat on you, but aside from catastrophic events, love for The One should be infinite.

6. Do your person and your friends like each other?

If you’ve ever dated someone who didn’t like one or all of your close friends, you know that’s no way to live. You love your friends and your S.O., so they need to love each other too.

7. Have you met their family?

Chances are, if you know for certain you’re dating The One, you’ve probably met their family (if your person is close to their family, that is). And if not, you should get on that. If you’ve been dating for a long time, and your person is dragging his or her feet when it comes to introducing you, you may want to consider finding out why. You can learn a lot about someone by meeting (or not meeting) their family. Same goes for your family.

8. Do you have similar ideas of what the weekends look like?

If you both love staying home and relaxing all weekend, or if you both enjoy heading out of town each weekend, that’s great! Disagreeing on how to spend down time makes the down time less down (makes sense, right?).

9. Do you fight a lot?

Arguments and heated discussions happen and will continue to happen always, but fighting shouldn’t be happening. If you and your partner are great about communicating feelings and discussing heated topics without getting really angry at each other, that’s a really good thing. Feeling heard and respected is a highly important aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship, and that tends to not happen when there’s a lot of fighting.

10. Are you on the same page about marriage/kids/no marriage/no kids?

Minds can always change, but if getting married and having a kid is really important to you, but not at all something your partner is interested in, you may not have found your perfect person.

11. Are you totally fine with their disgusting habits?

Things that have grossed you out in past relationships are actually endearing when you’re with the right person. Farts become funny, nose-picking becomes essential to breathing, and sharing a toothbrush with the dog is adorable. Ok fine, not always, but you get it.

12. Would you give up the last bite of an ice cream cone for your partner?

No bite of an ice cream cone is better than the last, so if your answer is yes — you’ve most definitely found The One.

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