Alyssa Milano’s patterned blue and nude dress looks risqué at first glance

Taking risks on the red carpet is a staple these days. And Alyssa Milano’s patterned blue and nude dress is no exception! On the whole, it looks pretty risqué at first glance, until you see that it is not, in fact, see-through (though if it was she’d rock it.) Basically, she looked amazing.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Alyssa Milano made headlines with her fashion. We’ll never stop being obssessed with her iconic style in Charmed. The early 2000s’ show was not only entertaining television, it was basically a style-bible for any fashion forward female.

And this latest bold style choice proves Alyssa is still one to watch.


As a closer pic shoes, the nude is definitely an underlay (and a super-sexy one!)


And while we love the whole look, special shout-out to this awesome copper-studded clutch.


If you are looking for a “wow factor”, you cannot go wrong with lace or nude colors.

Alyssa wore this bombshell style to the Entertainment Weekly Screen Actors Guild Awards Pre-Party (whew, that’s a mouthful.) One of dozens of awesome bashes held during Hollywood’s awards’ season, this one makes good use of the historic and gorgeous Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. The Chateau has been THE Hollywood hangout since the 1930s, and Alyssa Milano certainly ranks right up there with generations of famed stars of the silver screen.

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