We are in love with Alyssa Milano embracing her post-pregnancy body

Embracing a post-pregnancy body is hard for everyone, but particularly if you’re a celebrity in the public eye. That’s why we applaud Alyssa Milano for giving us a refreshing dose of reality about her body’s transformation after having two children.

She told the Today Show that she didn’t rush into losing her baby weight, instead focusing on getting to know her new little ones.

“Sometimes it’s hard work, but to me, it took such a backseat to being a new mother and what that meant and how special and physically demanding that was alone, she said.

She said that once she did hone in on her body, she worked out up to five times a week and followed a low-carb Atkins program, but never became obsessed with it. She just focused on staying fit and healthy so she can be the best mother to her 5-year-old son Milo, and 2-year-old daughter Elizabella.

“Be kind to yourself. And to remember what your body is put on this earth to do, which is nurture, feed, take care of a child. Everything else is sort of irrelevant.

Milano is also the brains behind the NFL women’s apparel line Touch by Alyssa Milano, which recently launched maternity offerings. She told Today that she feels like this is a significantly under tapped market, and emphasized the need for soon-to-be mothers to look and feel good.

“I feel like maternity wear, in general, is never really taken seriously as its own fashion category, so really we just tried to do what we do with Touch, which is give the female fan something fashionable and cute to fly the team colors and cheer on their team.

Keep up the good work, Alyssa, we love all the body positivity.

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