Alyssa Milano chatted with us about food, fashion, and whether a “Charmed” reunion is in the cards

We know her best from hits like Charmed and Who’s The Boss, but Alyssa Milano is busy with other important roles these days. She’s been married to husband Dave Bugliari for just a little less than a decade, and is the mother of their two children, Milo and Elizabella.

While she still acts — for example, you’ll be able to see her in the second season of Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix — she also manages to balance family life in with her many projects. For an actress who got started in show business at the ripe old age of seven, that’s quite an accomplishment.

We got a chance to chat with Milano about what she’s been up to these days, and get a little nostalgic about how her past roles deeply and positively influenced our childhoods.

After all, Samantha Micelli was a heck of a role model.

While she’s obviously a fan of her first big show, and can recall a bunch of behind-the-scenes memories, it turns out that Milano never actually watched Who’s The Boss.

Strangely enough, we totally understand it. Watching a memory from someone else’s perspective, especially now, just isn’t the same.

"I honestly don't think I've ever sat down and watched an episode,"Milano admitted. "I lived it, so never felt the need to watch."

Of course, she does think that the show will get played in her household eventually. Between 5-year-old Milo and 2-year-old Elizabella, Milano thinks they’ll enjoy seeing their mother play such an iconic role. (And as a teen, at that!)

"I'm looking forward to showing my kids 'Who's The Boss?'" Milano said. "I think they'll get a kick out of it."

We definitely agree.

For the record, she’s also never sat down to watch an episode of Charmed. Since it’s become such a cult classic, we have a feeling that her kids will probably stumble across that one, as well.

There’s definitely one interesting show that Milano watches with her son Milo, and that’s — surprisingly — older episodes of Star Trek. According to Milano, both of them are big fans. For television in general, Milano believes she has pretty eclectic tastes.

My favorite TV shows are random," she noted. "I loved The Crown, Breaking Bad..."

So, all pretty strong shows. Judging by her typical habits, she’ll probably avoid watching the next season of  Project Runway All Stars, since once again, she’ll be hosting it.

While she might have seemed like an odd choice by some, fashion has actually always been an area of interest for Alyssa Milano. She’s got her own brand, Touch by Alyssa Milano, which focuses around sports-related fashion and maternity wear — which is pretty incredible for the pregnant woman in your life who loves to cheer for her favorite team.

Milano is currently in the mist of designing the Spring 2018 collection for the brand, which we’re eager to see.

Aside from her upcoming projects, Milano is also working alongside the Atkins program. In fact, she credits the Atkins diet for changing the way that her and her family approached food and meal planning.

For Milano especially, the diet fits right into her on-the-go lifestyle, which most mothers are pretty familiar with.

"The program is great for busy working mothers like myself because they provide great tools, including a free mobile app, meal planners and a recipe database to help me make the right eating decisions," Milano noted. "Additionally, they have great products that are convenient, including Harvest Trail Bars, shakes and frozen meals that make it easy for me when I’m on the go."

For Milano, the switch-over was easy, since the diet focused on a lot of the foods she already ate — like chicken, fish, and veggies.

Surely you’re wondering whether or not a Charmed reunion would ever be in Milano’s future. (That’s definitely the project that we’re crossing our fingers for.) While Milano pretty much admitted that nothing was currently in progress, she wouldn’t rule out the idea.

"It would have to be a super special script but yes, I would consider it!" she said.

Hear that? All we need is to get everyone else on board!

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