Alyson Stoner still SLAYS! Watch her pay tribute to Missy Elliott with a dance routine!

Just like most Missy fans, I was just thinking about Alyson Stoner earlier this month when Missy Elliott hit the stage as Katy Perry’s surprise guest for the Super Bowl halftime show. Alyson was the little girl in the last set of Missy Elliott videos who danced into our hearts with her tough B-girl style. Well, she ain’t little any more and she heard our cries and answered! Watch herWORK IT to pay tribute to Missy Elliott with this amazing ‘Under Construction’ inspired routine, that includes kids around the same age she was when Missy gave her her big break! There’s even a sweet message from Alyson to Missy at the end!

If you need a refresher, watch her move with MISSY:

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