Alyson Stoner basically didn’t practice for her Missy Elliott performance because she’s an icon

As if Missy Elliott’s performance at the August 26th 2019 MTV VMAs wasn’t iconic and nostalgic enough, Alyson Stoner, the all-grown-up kid dancer from Elliott’s 2002 “Work It” music video, took to the stage, put her thing down, flipped it, and reversed it as if no time had passed between then and now. And it turns out she didn’t even rehearse the damn thing. Excuse me…?

Stoner took to Twitter on August 27th to answer a fan-submitted question about her jaw-dropping performance. Twitter user @Smeepy wrote, “Do we think @alysonstoner had to rehearse for the missy elliott performance? If I knew that choreography I’d probably have been doing it once a week for the last 17 years (she crushed it).”

Honestly, same here. But, as Stoner replied, she had less than 24 hours to refresh her routine.

"HiHat hit me up a day before to jump in, said 'do your thing' and then it was showtime," Stoner wrote in a follow-up tweet. "But those grooves don’t leave your system."

Um. Clearly!

Seeing the former Disney Channel star on that VMAs stage was a total throwback. Everyone on Twitter lost their freaking minds.

And if you’re still trying to put the pieces together of how we got adult Alyson Stoner back on stage with Missy Elliott without missing a beat, it’s because Stoner is a professional dancer. Not only did she remember “those grooves,” but it’s also her job to pick up choreography in a snap.

We are so glad Stoner ended up “doing her thing” during that Missy Elliott performance. It was a blast from the past in the best way possible.

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