Aly Raisman took a pic of Simone Biles taking the world’s most well-deserved nap ever on her flight home from Rio

Aly Raisman and Simone Biles gave us LIFE throughout the entire Rio Olympic Games with their adorable show of BFF support, both inside and outside of the competition. The uber-talented gymnasts worked their butts off to bring home an assortment of medals, so understandably, they’re tired AF and in need of some serious R&R that goes far beyond their post-performance trip to McDonald’s.

That said, we can completely relate to this photo Raisman snapped of Biles falling asleep on the plane before leaving Rio. “Miss @simonebiles fell asleep before we took off. WHO’S THE GRANDMA NOW GUYS,” she captioned the photo.

TBH, Biles’ hard-up snoozing reminds us of every single person who turned up way too much on vacay. Except usually when we and our friends do it, we just come back with less money and more regret, as opposed to a ton of gold medals. According to PEOPLE, her teammates call her “Grandma” or “mom” because they say she sleeps too much. Well, we say get your beauty rest, Simone. Both ladies have a ton of activity coming up, so we don’t blame her for getting the shut-eye in whenever and wherever she can.

Seriously though, if we spent half our time doing these types of moves, we’d probably fall asleep before takeoff too.


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