Aly Raisman designed adorable high socks featuring her totally squirmy parents

When Team USA gymnast Aly Raisman was competing, her parents nearly stole the show. Their tense and dramatic reactions had us giggling while also empathizing with their stress. Luckily, Aly also totally appreciates her parents’ investment in her sport. So much so, that Aly has added them to one of her major endorsements.

Aly Raisman designed these fabulous high socks, featuring her totally squirmy parents.

"For all the loving, crazy, embarrassing parents who can relate."

Aly partnered with Feat Socks to design awesome, stylish socks. Many of them celebrate Team USA, but some others just reflect Aly’s adorable, fun style. These socks may take home ALL the medals for both adorableness and originality. We love how perfectly Aly captured her parents’ nervous faces, and that classic lean! They seem to be trying to use their bodies to influence where Aly goes while competing.

These particular socks haven’t been released yet, but you can check out other looks from Aly’s line of Feat Socks here.

And here’s how we’ll be feeling until we can finally get our hands on these adorable socks: