This awesome US gymnast has said she’s definitely coming back for 2020

In case you were too busy to watch the American women’s gymnastics team at the Rio Olympics, here is a refresher  — they dominated.

And team veteran Aly Raisman was somehow MORE spectacular than at the London Games in 2012.

Her grace under pressure and technical skill pushed her to win three medals. And now, it looks like she will also be taking that amazing skill set and bringing it to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!!


While this doesn’t seem like a big deal because Aly is only 22-years-old right now, in gymnastics terms, she is slightly past her prime. Knowing how hard of a worker she is and how much effort she will put into her routines convince us that not only will she be back, she’ll be better than ever.


Aly appeared on the Ellen Show and discussed her career plans. She explained that she “…took a full year off in 2012. I’m going to do the same thing, take a year off, and then I’ll begin training again.”

That’s some serious dedication, and if anyone can do three Olympics, it’s definitely Aly! Let’s hope more of the Final Five join Aly in another quest for total gymnastics domination in 2020!!

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