Aly Raisman is taking a powerful stand against cyberbullies

Every scar has a story — and many of those scars can be pinpointed back to the days of bullying. Now, Aly Raisman is speaking out for National Bullying Prevention Month.

On Friday, Lady Gaga stood up for a bullied girl on Instagram. The two-time Olympic gymnast followed suit, encouraging others to be kind and maintain mindfulness when it comes to others. Though bullying occurs every day, pushing positive messages to focus on the agenda of love and support is crucial to ending it.

With social media so embedded into our everyday lives, it’s easy to fall into negativity and hate. A study conducted by Ditch the Label shows that cyberbullying occurs the most on Instagram.

So it was only another Olympic-sized move by Raisman to relay her message on the site where cyberbullies prey the most.

"I’ve just been noticing a lot of hate lately, especially on social media," Raisman said. "I wanted to remind you guys to remember that every single person has feelings. Every single person has an opinion and a story that matters. And you should be kind and respectful to everyone."

Raisman’s words are so important — especially this month.

"I also wanted to remind you guys that every single person in the world is going through something," Raisman continued. "You might not think that they are, or you might not realize it, but always remember that every person is struggling with something. And just because they don't talk about it, or just 'cause they don't act like they're struggling, doesn't mean that they aren't."

No matter how young or how old you are, it’s important that we create safe spaces to uplift and comfort each other. We can combat the bullying in a positive way, just like Millie Bobby Brown did.

During your usual Insta-scroll today, leave an uplifting comment on someone’s picture or speak out against a troll you see. You never know the impact you can make.

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