Aly and AJ just revisited “Potential Breakup Song,” and it’s all we’ve ever wanted

Sisters and bandmates Aly and AJ defined a generation. And now, they’re bringing their sweet sweet sounds back to our ears! After nearly 10 years, Aly and AJ have a new song called “Take Me”! But that doesn’t mean they don’t have love for their classics. Though their single “Take Me” is getting quite a bit of buzz (and rightfully so!), we still can’t stop listening to “Potential Breakup Song.” But two months after its 10th anniversary, Aly and AJ are bringing the banger back.

Now here’s the thing: We all love “Potential Breakup Song.” Doesn’t matter if you were a teenage girl, a teenage boy or an adult when it came out. You probably know at least some of the words. It is just catchy and just such a fun time!

And Aly and AJ are still having fun singing it all these years later.

Of course, we didn’t ever forget the lyrics to “Potential Breakup Song,” but in this cute video for Refinery29, it seems our favorite ladies have. The two are trying on clothes, dancing around, and having fun! But more importantly, they’re singing their classic “Potential Breakup Song” for all our nostalgic needs.

Makes you think of your younger days, right? The song is still just as catchy as it was back when it was released back in 2007. Trust us. If you watch the video, you’ll be singing all day long. “You’re not living ’til you’re living, living with me” is never going to leave you alone today.

But honestly, would you have it any other way? Most of us wish that “Potential Breakup Song” was still playing on the radio — and we’ve added it to almost all our Spotify playlists. It is a super fun one to rock out to whenever you’re feeling a little down — and even better when you’re feeling a little petty.

These two ladies have continually made our lives richer. Now that they have new music on the horizon, we all get to relive the music we loved most growing up.