This alternate version of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ script is the fangirl Holy Grail

Have you heard the news? The fantastic people behind Guardians of the Galaxy are making a sequel, due out in 2017! Yep, the whole crew is getting back together, including Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel and writer/director James Gunn, and  we’re more excited than a dancing baby Groot.

Gunn took to Twitter for an impromptu Q&A, answering answer any and all fan questions about Guardians, its sequel and his favorite films. And it resulted in us totally fangirling out about the possibility of an alternate Guardians script.
One fan asked, “Is there a translation of Groot’s speech, or do you just direct the general emoting?” Yes, Gunn actually wrote out a script for with Groot’s dialogue. And we’re going to need to see it ASAP.

Gunn also said that Groot reminds him of his dog.

Sure, it might seem like Vin Diesel is only saying some variation of “I am Groot” over and over. (And hey, sometimes it’s “I’m Groot,” so there’s that.) But it’s clear that Gunn put thought into the inflection and pronunciation each time Groot speaks those three words.

If we can’t get a copy of the special script, we’ll settle for a sit-down with Rocket. He always seems to know what Groot is saying.

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