Allison Williams and Samuel L. Jackson got in a debate about filming sex scenes, and their conclusions are straight up hilarious

Who would have thought that Allison Williams and Samuel L. Jackson would emerge as frontrunners for Best New Comedy Duo of 2017? Not us, that’s for sure.

Because, real talk, up until recently we don’t think we had even used Allison Williams and Samuel L. Jackson’s names in the same sentence.

But life is nothing if not filled with surprises. And, as it turns out, Williams and Jackson are really flipping funny together.

The two guest starred together on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live!


And things got hilarious when the subject turned to on-screen sex.

“What’s worse: When a guy gets a boner during a sex scene or when he doesn’t?” host Andy Cohen asked Williams.

Being a cast member of Girls and thus a total veteran when it comes to sex scenes, Williams gamely replied:

“We debate this a lot. Because it is flattering but upsetting when it happens, and it is also upsetting and unflattering when it doesn’t happen. So the best case scenario is kind of like a suggestion of excitement without the actual physical manifestation of it.

Right on cue, Samuel L. Jackson chimes in with, “Oh, bulls–t. Bulls–t.”

To which Williams retorted, “Dead serious. It is so awkward, trust me.”

Jackson explained that he’s only done three sex scenes in his career, but he has the whole, “What do I do if I do, and what do I do if I don’t?” thing figured out.

“See, I always apologize first. I’ll say, ‘I’m sorry if I do and I’m sorry if I don’t.'

Check out the funny in the vid below!

Seriously, these two are freaking hysterical together. We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…