Allison Williams is not sure she loves how much more attention she gets now that she’s blonde

Have you ever wondered if blondes do have more fun? Well, according to Allison Williams, men treat her differently as a blonde than they did when she was a brunette. We’re over here virtually giving this the most gigantic eye roll ever.

On Tuesday, Williams stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden and talked all about her new ‘do. Williams has been blonde for about two months now, and when asked if she’s having more fun, she laughed.

“People keep asking me that and I finally realized that they’re asking it because they’re hoping I’m more fun now,” Williams joked with James Corden.

"That's definitely why. Even my friends and family are like, 'Are you having more fun? Is this going to be a more enjoyable relationship for us? Are you also more fun?' And the answer is 'no.'"

Even if the Connecticut native isn’t having more fun with her platinum ‘do, she does get a different amount of attention and has noticed men react differently to her blonde hair.

“It was worth it, if only to go undercover into the male psyche. Because let me just tell you, [men] are real simple. Even simpler than I thought,” the Get Out actress said.

She then broke down the difference between her blonde self and former brunette self.

"I walk into a room and...they’re like 'Oh a blonde person with boobs!"

“It’s so instant. And boys are just aware of a blonde head of hair in the room,” she continued. “I’m positive. I’ve walked this planet as a brunette with total anonymity. And now I walk into a party and people are like, [gasps].”

Oof. Wear your hair however you dare, we say! Blondes, brunettes, or hot pink — we’re here for all of it.