Allison Williams is a “Bachelor” superfan and she’s got a favorite contestant this season

We all have our reality show vices, even when you’re Allison Williams. The Girls star is a huge Bachelor fan, and even met her husband at a Bachelor watch party!

Williams told E! News that her favorite contestant is the infamous Corinne Olympios, who has been deemed this season’s villain. She took some time at the season premiere party of Girls to share her thoughts on the matter, including Corinne’s penchant for pasta and the fact that she has a nanny at 24.

“There’s just so much to talk about [with Corinne], Williams said. “She was on Ellen. I mean, her nanny and, like, cheese noodles or cheese pasta or whatever.

Olympios visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to discuss her behavior on the show, clearly showing no remorse for her actions.

“I was getting a lot of attention from Nick, she said. “I was kind of doing me, and you know, the girls were getting really mad and starting to ignore me.

Olympios is seriously not someone we, or probably Allison Williams, would want to cross. And Williams was quick to point out, Corinne seemed to be an exception in  a house full of interesting, mature women.

"There's a lot of degrees in there — not that I'm biased in that way, but it's a more mature group, which I like. But it also means that they had to mine the drama, and there was Corinne...Hopefully she'll be a gift that'll keep giving."

Oh, we certainly hope so.

Corinne continues to be the drama-gal to watch on the season, and while she has supporters, her behavior definitely irks some. Even former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky has spoken out regarding Olympios and did not hold anything back in her criticism of her conniving and malicious behavior.

“I think Corrine is smarter than she lets on. It takes some wit to be that funny, in my opinion, she wrote on her blog. “That said, her behavior is just terrible, and I totally get why the girls are so over her. Girl still has quite a bit of ‘personal growth’ in her future that I look forward to for her."

Regardless, we should all take a cue from Williams and start going to Bachelor watch parties. Our future husband may await.

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