Allison Janney is down for a “West Wing” reboot, and she has the best idea for how it could happen

Without question, The West Wing was one of the greatest shows on television. And it ended like all good things eventually do. EXCEPT we just heard that C.J. Cregg wants it to come back! In an interview with VarietyAllison Janney talked about a ‘West Wing’ reunion and admitted that now is the perfect time for a hopeful political show to exist.

After acknowledging that the original cast are too old to reprise their original jobs in the White House, she gushed about how cool it would be to see a reboot with different actors. “[But] gosh, it would be just a great time for ‘West Wing’ now, for whoever is disillusioned by what’s going on today. Those are the people you want working in Washington: People whose hearts are in the right place, people who reach across the aisle, people who want to do the right thing. It was a great show. I wish we could do it. Believe me, I wish we could.” We wish that, too!

CAN WE MAKE IT HAPPEN?! And then, Janney thought of something that might work!

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"They could do it with a whole new cast, and Aaron should. I know everyone fell in love with our characters, and I love that, but it seems like ‘West Wing’ should be filled with young, idealistic, visionary people. Maybe, I don’t know, they could give us some other jobs in the White House."

YES! This is exactly what should happen. Aaron Sorkin, we know you’re busy and everything, but are you listening?! The fan base and demand for more is alive and well!

Whatever happens, we’re glad that The West Wing existed, because it was an intelligent, heartfelt show that provided layered roles for so many talented actors — all of whom we’ll love forever.

And we’re totally up for a revival or reboot. Anytime!