Allison Janney confirmed Anna Faris is dating someone new

It’s hard to move forward after a very public breakup, but Mom co-star Allison Janney confirmed that Anna Faris is dating someone after filing for divorce from ex-husband Chris Pratt. And Janney, like all of us, is so happy for her.

It seems like in every interview, Janney just gushes over her friendship with Faris — in fact, she recently said that Faris was more like family than just a friend. “She is the loveliest, loveliest co-star I have ever had,” Janney said in a 2015 interview with Entertainment Weekly. “She is so generous of heart and spirit and she’s a beauty…I just think the world of her.” They’ve worked together since 2013. Mom, which has proven to be a hit for CBS, is currently in its fifth season, which started up this November.

As Janney and Faris play mother and daughter on television, it kind of makes sense that Faris’s new guy — rumored to be cinematographer Michael Barrett — would need approval from Janney. Luckily, the actress dished that he seems to be quite lovely.

“She’s such an amazing…I can’t believe all the stuff she does, in addition to Mom she has her podcast and she teaches a class at USC and she’s got her new man who she seems—she seems just great, she’s really doing well and I’m so happy for her,” Janney confirmed to E! News at a Los Angeles press junket for I, Tonya.

Yet as the relationship is still fairly new, Janney has only had the opportunity to meet him once.

"I met him once, he seems really lovely," she continued. "I don't know him, but I'm happy for her. If she's happy, I'm happy."

We’re happy that everyone’s happy, and we wish the best to Faris in her new relationship. It’s often tough to start over again, but we think she’s ready to move forward into the next chapter.

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