This alligator is probably the biggest one you’ve ever seen in real life, just to warn you

No matter how warm and fuzzy you feel about animals, we’re willing to bet you’d reconsider extending your usual animal-friendly graces to this extremely large alligator that was spotted in Lakeland, Florida. For the time being, we’ve decided to close our eyes and pretend like this terrifying creature isn’t actually real, but unfortunately, it appears to be.

According to The Daily Dot, footage of this big-ass alligator of everyone’s nightmares has gone viral online for all the scariest reasons. We’re just thankful that this alligator didn’t show up in a high school like one of its scaly-skinned peers did back in 2015 because that would’ve been downright disastrous.

So, alligators sightings are commonplace in Florida, but this is no ordinary swamp creature. Honestly, we’re struggling to move past the sheer gall of this gargantuan beast to casually saunter across the grassy walkway, as if it wasn’t the the scariest thing to stroll out of a bush.

Brace yourselves, because your skin will definitely crawl upon seeing this massive gator.

Ugh. Who else is shivering from sheer terror?

Apparently, tourists spotted the super-sized alligator at Lakeland’s Circle B Bar Reserve (which we will be avoiding for the foreseeable future). The creature is believed to be approximately 12 feet long. Kim Joiner was present during the alligator spotting and shared video of the animal online, writing that it was one of the “biggest gators I have seen out there.”

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like as a human living among dinosaurs, we think you may have just found your answer.