Here’s an alligator casually crossing a golf course with a fish in its mouth (just go with it)

Time and time again, animals have shown us that they aren’t easily deterred from their agendas. Whether it involves napping, eating or getting from one point to another, they’re rarely bothered by the presence of humans. To prove that point, here’s an alligator casually crossing a golf course with a fish clenched between its teeth.

While it probably isn’t the biggest alligator you’ve ever seen, this swamp creature certainly ranks among the boldest. That title belongs to the alligator that hung out at a high school in Florida a couple years ago, but based on the sheer audacity of this fish-toting gator, we’re thinking the two animals have to be distant cousins.

Srsly, who raised these alligators?! Don’t they know it’s beyond rude to just show up unannounced and uninvited?

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Um, that would be a no. This obviously hungry alligator strolled by these golfers as if to say, “Excuse me, comin’ through!” as this video taken at Florida’s Seven Springs Golf and Country Club demonstrates.

In the clip, the alligator emerges from some nearby trees as a couple of golfers film the creature from the safety (?) of their golf carts. It doesn’t appear to be interested in its surroundings as it carefully crosses over the sidewalk and the grass before heading off to a nearby pond with its catch secured in its large mouth.

While this cold-blooded monster is definitely the highlight of the video, we are also shocked at the calm temperament of the golfers.

Maybe it’s something about being out on the green that makes them more relaxed than most people who find themselves in close proximity to a wild, unrestrained alligator, but we certainly don’t plan on testing this theory anytime soon.