This alligator proves you should always check before opening the door

Leave it to the state of Florida to prove your parents right. You should always check who is at the door before opening it. You never know what kind of stranger might be answering it. It could even be a real live alligator! A Florida resident recently learned this lesson the hard way when a 10-foot long alligator showed up at their garage door.

Do NOT believe an alligator who claims to be selling Girl Scout cookies. It’s lying.

Listen, we all know evolution is a thing, and maybe alligators are trying to turn into door-to-door salesmen. While obviously the gator didn’t ring the doorbell or announce itself (rude), it did give the residents of this Sarasota County neighborhood a scare.

While we do appreciate the Sarasota police’s use of dad jokes and social media saavy, we’re not laughing. This gator looks like he means business. Luckily no humans or alligators were hurt in this incident.

Even crazier, this is apparently not a weird occurrence! According to NBC, spring is alligator mating season in Florida. This means from April through June, alligators wander out of their habitats to find mates. So this is actually quite common in the spring, and most Floridians know to keep a lookout for wandering alligators. Residents know to keep themselves, (and their pets) indoors.

There is no word on whether this alligator was looking for his date and got the wrong house.

Just goes to show, Florida keeps you on your toes! So thank you Florida. You’re probably the wackiest state in the union, and your intrusive alligators are entertaining to us.

 Probably because we don’t ever have to open the door and greet one! So stay safe out there, but be sure to keep sharing your crazy alligator pictures with us!