An “allergic admirer” sent a love letter to a shelter cat named Simba, and we feel her

It is a widely known fact that having a pet in your life is extremely beneficial. Unfortunately, not everyone can have cat or dog due to allergies. That’s why an allergic admirer sent a love letter to a shelter cat named Simba, and we feel her. While she might not be able to have a cat of her own, sending praise is not out of the question.

The Oregon Humane Society received a heartfelt letter to one of their cats named Simba. He’s a domestic long-haired cat and is 11 years old. Simba also is suffering from diabetes. Yet despite his medical issues, he still looks regal AF.

Even from that short video, it is clear that this beautiful feline deserves a caring home. That’s why this allergic admirer passed along a letter explaining just how much she loved Simba, even though she could not adopt him.

The mastermind behind the letter starts off by explaining that Simba first came to their attention from a local newspaper.

"Dear Simba, I am writing to you on behalf of my sister who saw a story about you in a local newspaper … she wanted me to tell you that she thinks you are the HANDSOMEST cat she has ever seen. She fell in love immediately with your golden eyes and your beautiful fur coat."

Are you crying? Because we are 100% crying. The letter explains that there is an even deeper connection than what’s on the surface.

"When she read you are diabetic, she wished so much that she could give you a home because she too is diabetic. Unfortunately she is very allergic to cats, so she can’t have a kitty of her own, but she wanted me to let you know that she is your admirer from afar. We hope that your fantastic caretakers show you the front of this card, and read to you the praise from your devotee and hopefully, friend."

See the letter below.

Hopefully, Simba finds himself a forever home soon. His handsome little face deserves to be loved for as long as he can. You can look into adopting Simba yourself. Good luck, Simba, you handsome dream cat.