All you need is this $4 anti-aging hand cream that smells like peach ice cream

Hand cream. It’s what your nana plucked out of her purse and slathered her hands with after dinner. It can be ritualistic — I can’t call it a night unless I’ve moisturized my hands, and I can’t figure out WHY it makes me feel so impossibly complete, but it does. And for some reason, hand cream comes in a tub, and you have to awkwardly scoop it with two to four fingers to get it out, but omigod is it WORTH it, or what? Soft hands, best life.

Are you feeling me on this? Okay good. Because if you’re all about that hand cream game, you need to try TONYMOLY’s Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream. Nevermind the “anti-aging” part (aging is totally cool and natural!), unless that’s something you’re looking for. What you’re going to be really into is how fresh this cream smells, and how lovely it feels. Also, it comes in a tub shaped like a peach (but also maybe a nipple or butt? It’s so cute, I can barely take it!).

If you’re an Amazon beauty junkie like moi, you might be familiar with The South Korean brand TONYMOLY (“Tony Moly” translates to “putting style into packaging,” which the brand is very good at doing). They make really cute beauty products in the shape of small animals and fruits, and everything smells FANTASTIC. Oh, and best part? It’s all pretty cheap and effective.

Go ahead and add the lil’ peach to your cart — it’s only four bucks, and I know you’re already on Amazon doing some last-minute holiday shopping (solidarity, sister). It’s been a rough year, so you might as well make it softer with a tub of hand cream.