All the YES: one of our favorite skincare brands is going to the next level and expanding their line

Hello. Are you having a difficult time finding encouraging news amidst the depressing circulation of politically-dominated content, aka, the wild west of the internet? You can put your feet up, breathe deep, and take refuge in lightness here. We just found out the skincare brand Yes To is expanding to include even more lines of products while targeting millennials. The chief executive officer for the brand, Ingrid Jackel, shared her vision for expansion with WWD,

"We’re not moving away from fruits and veggies — they are still very relevant. But as a natural brand, it would be irresponsible to avoid other ingredients. The strategy is broadening the scope of natural ingredients we have access to."

In practical terms, what this means for the natural skincare brand is that they’ll be releasing even more deliciously flavored natural lines. So if you were around for the launch of Yes To Carrots, you can expect even more flavors and specialties of lines in the near future.

This expansion means the brand will continue to make products available at Target, Ulta, Walgreens and CVS, all while pumping out new lines.

Their brand new Yes To Cotton line is specifically tailored to ultra-sensitive skin.

It sounds like the next year will be one of huge growth for Yes To, and we look forward to seeing it unfold.