5 times Kim Kardashian has worked toward social justice reform

In the past few years, Kim Kardashian has evolved from a reality TV star and beauty mogul into a certifiable social justice advocate. The star made waves in 2018 when she lobbied for the release of nonviolent drug offender Alice Johnson, and her work hasn’t stopped there. Here are all of the ways that Kim Kardashian has advocated for criminal justice reform—and she’s just getting started.

1 She helped free Alice Johnson.

In Kardashian’s first and most widely publicized instance of activism, she met with President Donald Trump to ask for Johnson’s release from prison. Trump ultimately granted Johnson clemency, allowing the 63-year-old woman to return home after being imprisoned for 21 years. Kardashian learned of the case from a Mic report in October 2017, and she got her personal legal team on the case.

2 Kardashian advocated for female prisoners in California.

In July 2018, the reality star urged then-California Governor Jerry Brown to sign a bill that would improve the treatment of female prisoners, preventing male correctional officers from performing pat-downs on them or entering private areas like showers. Brown ultimately signed the bill into law on August 20th, according to the Associated Press.

3 She’s trying to free another nonviolent drug offender.

CNN notes that in a September episode of the podcast Wrongful Conviction, Kardashian said that she was working to free Chris Young, a man who, like Johnson, is serving life in prison for a non-violent drug offense. The 30-year-old has served 10 years of his sentence so far.

4 She offered to pay a released prisoner’s rent.

Kardashian recently pledged to pay five years worth of rent for Matthew Charles, who was released from prison in January after being convicted of a non-violent drug offense. The Tennessean reported on March 9th that Charles had been rejected from renting an apartment following his release, and Kardashian stepped in to ensure that he could cover rent (while also saving up to one day buy a permanent home).

5 She supports ending the death penalty.

On March 12th, Kardashian tweeted that she met with California Governor Gavin Newsom and supports his efforts to end the death penalty in the state. According to NBC Los Angeles, Newsom signed an order on March 13th ending capital punishment while he’s in office.

Kardashian’s activism is inspiring, and we love seeing her use her massive her platform for good. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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