All the non-traditional accessories for the 21st century prom

Prom is a big deal. Whether or not you personally believe that, the industry for high school’s crown jewel dance is a giant minefield of shiny, pretty things, and things that guarantee that you’ll look shiny and pretty for the big day (or big days, if you’re friends with people outside of your own school). There’s the matter of getting all those weird things you didn’t know you “needed” (did anyone know what a boutonniere was before prom?), as well as landing a perfect 10 on your hair and makeup, shoes, jewelry, bags, and of course, formalwear of choice.

Sure, there are plenty of places to search for every little prom detail, but these days, teens have more options when it come to both how they look for prom and how they share their prom experiences. With that in mind, we came up with a list of non-traditional, 2010s-era prom accessories. These apps, gadgets, and miscellaneous quick fixes will keep you up and running through the whirlwind of prom, and its pre- and post- stages.

The Apps

Wheretoget (to pin down the perfect look)

In a nutshell, Wheretoget is Shazam for shopping. If you just had to catch your breath, we don’t blame you — and while both direct photo roll and camera uploads are possible, you can also search for outfits and items posted to Instagram and Tumblr. So, like those cute pumps on Pinterest? Instead of going through the Google image search maze (or its cousin, the Polyvore work-around), let Wheretoget do the leg work for you as you assemble your ultimate prom ensemble.

Also available on Android and iOS.

Candy Camera (to up the Insta-able moments)

We know that it takes a village of apps to get the perfect ‘gram, but for prom, the pressure is even more on. And let’s be real: It’s a total struggle just to get your sunset snap to look juuust right, so when you’re facing that prom staple, the group photo, you need an app that does it all. Candy Camera is just that app, with a bevy of filters and stickers to complement every selfie, photobomb, and yes, group shot you’re sure to take.

Available on Android and iOS.

YouCam Makeup (to perfect your look without hitting the cosmetic counters)

Oh, makeup: So seductive in its beautiful packaging and glittering array of colors, but so, so tricky IRL. Unless you have the largest sample product stash in the universe or religiously hit up the MAC counter every weekend, chances are, you just have a small cache of products you use regularly. How can you branch out of your go-to style without spending everything and/or becoming a makeup guinea pig? Enter, YouCam, which allows you to “try” makeup and hairstyles out, all without firing up the curling iron or booking a spa day. It’s like one of those addictive makeover apps, except for yourself.

Available on Android and iOS.

The Holdables

Mighty Purse (so you’ll always be 100%)

At $99, the Mighty Purse isn’t cheap, but just consider what it is: A sleek, stylish way to make sure you’re never left with a dead phone. With an array of color options, you’re sure to find something that’ll match whatever you’re wearing, and there’s still room for your invite, extra makeup, or whatever else you’re bringing in with you. iPhone users need to get an extra adapter, but the Mighty Purse is an investment you won’t regret making and that’ll last you way beyond prom.

Lomography’s Diana Mini camera (for that IRL filter feeling)

We know, everybody’s obsessed with the Fujifilm instax mini 8, but if there’s any occasion to pull out the stops, it’s prom. The instant, Polaroid-y film look is cute, but Lomography’s Diana Mini is cheaper, uses less exclusive film, and also keeps the prom experience going — after all, those photos need to get developed!

Stellé Audio’s mini-clutch speakers (to keep the party going)

At first glance, this disco ball clutch-of-our-dreams is just that, but peer a little closer — those are audio controls on the side, and that, to quote Aladdin and Jasmine, opens a whole new world. Stellé Audio specializes in creating portable speakers, and we’re obsessed with their mini-clutch speakers, which also come in blue and black. At $199, they’re definitely a splurge, but like the Mighty Purse, you’ll definitely use this in your future.

Hidden lipstick compartment (to keep your cash secure)

You’re all dressed up and you’ve got somewhere to go — yeah, prom is its own tradition, but for those of us who’ve ever dreamed of going undercover at a fancy event, why not take the opportunity to do just that? While this hollow lippie isn’t quite as cool as Totally Spies‘ laser lipstick, it’ll sure come in handy for serving as an extra safe stash for your cash and any other loose change, money and otherwise, you have floating around. (But mostly, so you can pretend you’re a spy.)

The Quick Fixes

Tieks foldable flats (to keep you on your feet)

There are plenty of roll-up flats on the market, but with their robin’s egg blue soles and dizzying array of colors, Tieks hit the sweet spot of being both fashionable and practical. While we certainly think they’re formal enough on their own, these cuties can fold away to relieve your post-dancing feet. Trust us — it won’t seem like a big deal now, but hours of standing and posing in heels will lead to most of the female student body getting down barefoot. With Tieks in your bag or on your feet, you won’t run into that issue.

Mini sewing/mini first aid kit (to avoid both fashion and actual disasters)

We’d suggest asking your school about exactly what you can and can’t bring into prom before slipping either of these kits into your pocket or purse, but we cross our heart that you’ll save a lot of grief with both in your life. Got blisters from your shoes? Bandage that right up. Tear a hole in your shirt from boogying too hard? Stitch it up in the bathroom break, no sweat. Even if you don’t need them, someone in your prom party will.

Mirror necklace (for discreet touch-ups)

We’re not suggesting you hang a full-length mirror on yourself or anything (although if you do that, tweet it to us PLEASE), but instead of whipping out your phone and turning on the selfie mode every five seconds to make sure your eyeliner hasn’t become sentient, why not invest in the even more accessible version of the pocket mirror: The mirror necklace? You can find a huge variety online, and then any time you want to do a quick spot check (or low key see if the cutie sitting at the table next to yours is making eyes), you’ll be set.

Examples: here, here, and here.

Any other ideas? Leave them in the comments; now go and get your prom on!